90 Pounds in 90 Days?? I have a proven plan…

That’s my goal. A pound per day, on average, for the next 90 days… starting April 13, 2018.

My thinking: It’s probably impossible for a man of my age to lose that much, that fast. But what if I get just half of that? Because 45 pounds in 90 days is still impressive.

But my plan is proven

It wasn’t long ago I went from 285 pounds down to 208. So I know this plan works. It’s just when I stray, I put it back on. But this is more than just a “plan.” It’s a proven way to live… so much better than before.

And if I can do it, I’ll show you how you can too.

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And see what 90 pounds of overweight looks like.

It ain’t pretty. But it’s real.